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Become a Siili, wherever in Finland you are

Do you have some senior spikes on you?

Freedom to work the way you want

At the top of a mountain surrounded by friendly reindeer, beside a glimmering lake at a peaceful cottage, or in a gadget-filled basement in a secret location – if these remote work locations don't tickle your fancy, you can choose whatever place you feel most inspired to work in.


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Spiky challenges ahead

Siili is the one for you, if you're looking for a challenging remote location work in a steady and growing technology company. 

Besides thrilling work tasks and exciting customers, you'll get to be a part of a unique community of Siilis: We are a spiky, honest, and hard-working lot, but still big softies at heart.

Get your own mentor and tribe

You will have your own senior mentor to guide you to our culture and ways, and you'll also be surrounded by your peer group aka tribe members, who are united by pride in professionalism and desire to develop their skills.

You have the freedom to choose how, when, and where you work, as long as you have a Finnish address and preferably a Finnish social security number, too – that's to make things smooth for both you and us.

Seniors, ahoy!

We expect you to be a senior, self-imposed developer capable of independent work. Interested in developing your skills and sharing your knowledge is desirable, too. And it doesn't hurt to possess a wicked sense of humour.


Open Remote Positions

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  • Are you a passionate developer who enjoys writing clean code and loves technical challenges? We are looking for craftspeople for whom the continuous development of digital services – and your own skills – is a matter of the heart. You are guaranteed to succeed in your work, if you have three to four years of experience working with Java, Clojure or JavaScript (React, Angular & Node.js).

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  • We at Siili want to create code that makes things work the way they should. Sometimes the code is ugly – then we clean it up better. Sometimes there is no code at all – then we build it from scratch, like digital age artisans we are. We are now looking for code-loving future Siilis in the Oulu region who want to create solutions for our customers with their own hands, but together with a competent team. We already have over 800 experienced experts and Siili is growing all the time – will you join us?

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  • We are looking for a Coding Cloud Architect to join our Creative Technology area. You will be working to understand customers' business problems, define technical solutions and deliver them with your hands-on expertise. With the help from your team, you will be building world-class solutions to our customers.

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  • We are looking for Data Architect to join our Creative Technology area. You will use your skills and vision to support the development of our customers' business. With some help from your teams, you will be building world-class solutions to our customers. 

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  • We are looking for Software Robot Developers to join us in our SKALER business unit. In this role, you will be developing the next generation of Robotic Process Automation solutions with open source technologies, solving real business problems and helping our clients work more efficiently.

    You'll be responsible for  automation/infrastructure development in a software development project and working with your teammates to pick the right technologies. As a Software Robot Developer, you'll use a variety of software development tools and best practices, such as writing unit tests for our customers' robots, using version control tools, and making sure the robots are easily maintainable in the future - not only mastering a specific RPA tool.

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  • We are looking for talented Drupalists to join our team of about 18 experienced Drupal developers, who not only make sure our clients have elegant, functional web sites, but also bring extra value from versatile integrations and state of the art front-ends.

    Although our Drupal projects are mainly found in the capital area, you might be located anywhere in Finland, as remote work is possible, but we wish you are able to visit our Helsinki office every now and then.

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  • Are you passionate about DevOps and want to be a part of a team that will advocate our clients in their DevOps transformation journey?

    SALabs (Software Automation Laboratory) is an operating unit within Siili. At SALabs, we create new technical and service concepts in software automation and build value-adding digital solutions together with our clients. In our everyday work, we believe in clean code, software automation and DevOps. Our developers are modern artisans who craft code, choose tools and build serverless environments. We believe that the future of software development is in automatization which enables us to do things smarter.

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Antti Koivisto – a remote worker at Tornio and a victim of cute hedgehogs

Antti Koivisto is a seasoned Senior Architect working remotely at Siili since last October, when he fell victim to Siili’s recruitment campaign with Mauno the hedgehog.


“Siili seemed like a good choice for me, small enough to maintain a low level of bureaucracy but grown-up enough to be a serious contender in the market,” Antti says.


Antti is working for Siili’s Oulu site, but he lives in Tornio.


“I’ve worked with distributed, international teams and clients for most of my career, so I didn’t really consider not having a permanent office in the same city I live in as an issue.


Despite having physical distance to his team, maintaining a team spirit is still very much possible.


“Remote or not, I think it is generally important to maintain a low threshold to contact people at work, as that is kind of the basic idea of a community – you do not need to figure out everything by yourself. I also like to throw out ideas to acid test them with my colleagues, and I think most of them still answer to my seemingly endless IMs”, Antti jokes.

Tero Siironen – a remote worker at Kokkola and a 3D printer enthusiast

Tero Siironen is a Full-Stack Developer with an extensive Siili history of seven years.

“I met Siili people at a matchmaking event and got good vibes, so I joined Siili Oulu in December 2013”, Tero says.


Tero is originally from Kokkola, and when his family decided to move from Oulu back to Kokkola, it was like getting back home.

“Originally the thought was that I might consider looking for a local position here in Kokkola after couple of years, but I've found this arrangement with Siili working so well that I haven't really even considered changing jobs.”

Siili’s active hobby clubs, functioning especially on Slack, are one of the reasons why Tero likes it at Siili.

“I’ve been active e.g. in retro gaming and 3D modelling/printing, and on the club Slack channels you can share your findings and hobby projects to your colleagues. Being active on Slack keeps you connected to your colleagues, and during the last year the online community has been more active than ever before. The best thing working for Siili are the co-workers and the community, even though I see them relatively seldomly compared to many others”, Tero tells.

Tero Siironen

What Does Siili Have In Store For You?

This is what we promise to all our employees!

Work for impact and meaning

We work to MAKE IT REAL. This means helping our customers to find out what is essential and then building it. Less powerpoints and unexecuted plans, more concrete outcomes and valuable, working digital services. We are here to improve and to make impact.


Alternative careers to choose from

At SIILI you can progress both horizontally and vertically. You can focus to master a certain skillset or become more of an all-around digital generalist. There are options to grow to lead people and even incubate a new unit/company out of your aspirations.


Work to learn

In an ever-evolving craft of digitalization the only option is to evolve along. We make sure you get to work with people who drive your development, you reach those certificates needed and that your value as a professional increases while working with us.


You are the most important thing

Although there are quite many of us, we are interested especially in you. It is our responsibility to offer you help, leadership, inspiration and healthcare, so you can concentrate on your work creating value for
the customer.


Born multi-disciplinary, diverse & international

With us you get surrounded by the people from all fields of digital development – here at SIILI data, design, dev and continuous improvement team up for the customer. Every day we are a more global company in terms of locations, diversity and skillset.


A responsible choice

In 2020 we planted more than 31 000 saplings to make all our employees carbon neutral. We’ll continue doing it this year. For us, responsibility is concrete actions, not Instagram screens painted black. By choosing to work with us you choose to join a bit more sustainable parade.


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